It’s no secret that Anchorage, AL is a cold place — so much so that residents often wear layer upon layer of clothing. But all that warmth comes at a price: Anchorage has just been named the city with the worst-dressed people in the US.

What other cities were singled out for their questionable choice of attire?

In a recent survey, Travel + Leisure readers rated major destinations in categories including style for the magazine’s annual America’s Favorite Cities survey. And they didn’t like what they saw in Alaska.

Dr. Miriam Jones, a paleoclimatologist who frequently travels to Anchorage, said, “It’s not uncommon to see oversized parkas with fur-lined hoods and bunny boots, and people aren’t alarmed when a person wearing a ski mask enters a room.”

Alaskans may have an excuse, but Baltimore residents, which came in third, will have to come up with something else. A local there says it’s not uncommon for hipsters to “dumpster-dive” for clothing, adding, “If you’re going to take time to dress up in Baltimore, you better be on your way to somewhere specific. Otherwise you’re going to stand out, and you’re going to feel awkward.”

Which other cities got low marks for style? According to Travel + Leisure readers, here are the top 10 worst-dressed cities in America.

1. Anchorage, AL

2. Salt Lake City, UT

3. Baltimore, MD

4. Orlando, FL

5. San Antonio, TX

6. Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

7. Atlanta, GA

8. Portland, ME

9. Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ

10. Kansas City, MO

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