As Kathy and I are relocating to the Sedalia area for my job here at the radio stations I decided to look and see if any of the towns we might consider living in are "safer" than some of the others. While doing some research I found that there are a few of Missouri's safest cities aren't that far from my work home in Sedalia.

According to the towns of California, Tipton, and the town my parents called home fifty years ago, Fayette all are part of the top 11 safest cities in Missouri. California came in second. Tipton came in seventh and Fayette eleventh.

So how did arrive at their rankings? They based them on population, income, property crime, and violent crime. Here's a few of the statistics:

  • Portageville and California reported no incidents of violent crime.
  • There was only one murder and seven reports of rape reported among Missouri's safest cities.
  • All top 11 cities in Missouri had fewer than 100 property crimes.
  • In Missouri property crime is a big concern.

So where did Sedalia and Warrensburg place on the list from Warrensburg placed at #81 on the list with two violent crimes per 1000 people and 28 property crimes per 1000 people. Sedalia ranked #168 on the list with 7 violent crimes per 1000 people and 52 property crimes per 1000 people.

Here's the top 11 safest cities in Missouri:

  1. Portageville
  2. California
  3. Platte City
  4. Rock Hill
  5. Palmyra
  6. Wright City
  7. Tipton
  8. Bethany
  9. Battlefield
  10. Byrnes Mill
  11. Fayette

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