Our office has been pretty casual when it comes to what we wear. I don't know if the policy is different for the sales side of the building, but on our side it's business casual.  Meaning polos, sometimes t-shirts, jeans.  I got to thinking though about what other people wear, and sometimes it's hard to see what is "normal" at work.  So, to the Googles! Apparently there are some major dividing pieces of clothing when it comes to work wear.  Here are some of the ones I found that are kind of controversial.


#1.)  Open-Toed Shoes and Sandals.  69% said it's okay to wear them, depending on what your job is.  But don't wear flip-flops or any other kind of footwear that makes a lot of noise when you walk.  I guess I'm in the minority on this one.  If it's like, just a little bit of your toe showing, maybe.  But don't wear Birkenstocks to work.  No.


#2.)  Jeans.  65% said yes, but chances are your company has a specific policy about it.  In general, it's fine if you're in a CREATIVE job. Like what I HAVE.  And honestly, it's not like that many people see me.  That's the point of the gig.  I sit in my studio alone, I sit in my office alone, it's not an outdoor gig. So I wear jeans all the dang time, and nobody cares about it.  I will say though, they should be NORMAL jeans, not jeans with a crazy wash or a bunch of rips. I have my limits.


#3.)  A Skirt That Shows Your Bare Legs.  75% of the people polled said it's fine.  And apparently you only have to worry if you're in a corporate office, where people dress more conservatively.  If that's the case, you can still pull it off if you wear pantyhose and actual SHOES, not sandals.  Just don't wear a MINISKIRT.


#4.)  Shorts.  Only 12% of people said it's okay to wear them to work.  So that's a no . . . even in the middle of summer . . . unless you know for a fact that your office is really relaxed about it. I only wear shorts at work when I know I'm going to be outside and it's going to be hot (think Missouri State Fair).  But that's probably to shield all of you from my pasty white legs.

Do you have a dress code at work? Do you have to wear a uniform? Is there something you COULDN'T wear to work?

Business Casually yours,

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