There's a new game for your phone, and it seems like half my social media contacts are playing it.  And they're definitely playing it here at the office. 

Not me, though, or Husbando.  He can't seem to get it on his phone (does it not work for Android?), and while I like Harry Potter fine, I was never obsessed with it.  I read most of the books, sure, mostly because I had a children's literature class in college.  But I think I lost interest after the one with the half blood prince or whatever.

Not that I don't play games on my phone, oh no!  Don't misunderstand me, I don't pretend to be "better" than them for not playing Harry Potter on my phone. I played quite a few different mobile games over the years.  I used to play Uno a lot, and I played Pokemon Go there for a few months (mostly because my friends did).  I know I had Tetris on there (which was great when you're waiting for the doctor) but I had to get rid of it for my new game.

I gave it up for this game.  This game is... awesome (there's a version in English, I'm not some genius that learned Korean overnight).  I even got rid of Snapchat on my phone to make room for it.  Not that I ever really used it, but still.  Those actions have consequences!  And now I'm totally into it, and I played it for about four hours last night.  Husbando just shakes his head at me and goes back to watching Psych reruns.

What games do you play on your phone? Do you play the new Harry Potter?  What do you think?

Gamingly yours,

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