I'm sure you have some of these, too.  You know, the pictures that you just can't seem to get rid of, even though you have them somewhere else, too. 

This first one is one the girls sent me when they were getting ready to go on vacation in Hawaii.  They're far more travelled than I am.


This is a photo from Father's Day last year, I think.  It's my Dad, my sister and her family, and our little group.

This is not a super great picture, but it was a fun memory. I was on a remote at a Haunted House, and this little girl stole the head off someone else's costume.  Cute!

This is just a fun photo of Husbando. He's silly.

This is a fun one from when Jenn and I did our Friendship Adventure downtown.  Husbando came by and I just put it on his head because I could.

This is our Business Manager's daughter's dog, Koda.

I have another photo I don't delete from my phone, but that might be embarrassing for a couple of friends of mine, so I won't show you that.

What photos do you keep on your phone? Why don't you get rid of them?

Photographily yours,