The information is out on the National Movers Study, and more people are moving OUT of Missouri than into our state. It's close, though.  About 51% percent of people are moving out of Missouri, and 49% are moving in.  Most of the time people are leaving or coming in for jobs, but family is also another big one. 63% of people who are moving out of Missouri are doing it for a different job, and 23% of people moving into Missouri are coming here for family.

But I think I could understand other reasons why people might want to leave The Show Me State.

1.  The Weather.

Especially people who are retiring, you must really be tired of this malarkey.  It's hot, it's cold, it's yes, it's no, it's Katy Perry everywhere.  It seems like we only get maybe two weeks of spring, and maybe a month of fall, and the rest of the year is hot or cold.

2.  Meth.

Let's be real, it's an issue, and it's particularly an issue here in Missouri. There are a lot of bad drugs here in Missouri but it seems like Meth is Missouri's favorite. I can understand someone wanting to leave to stop seeing the drugs and their consequences everywhere.  Maybe move to Colorado?  Massively different drug issues.

3.  The Humidity.

I know I already mentioned the weather, but COME ON.  You know what I'm talking about here. It's like you can't even step out of your house and walk to your car without breaking into a sweat.  Not good, you guys.

4.  The Roads.

I know the workers are trying their best.  They can only do so much, especially this time of year.  But it seems like roads everywhere are just covered in patches and potholes and recesses and it can get hazardous out there!

5.  Turkeys.

Every year in Missouri, somewhere around 11 million turkeys are butchered.  You know that's about enough for all of us to have two turkeys a year?  We're outnumbered by these frightening birds of death.  The turkey revolution will come, and people are right to run.

Okay, so that last one wasn't serious.  But what do you think? What are some reasons you think people might move in or out of Missouri?

Turkily yours,