The weather roller coaster is on another wild ride, and this time I have to say that mother nature is a motha and groundhogs are on my most wanted list.  The only way for me to feel better is to get out my AR and run a couple hundred rounds through it, then shoot my pistol, a few shotguns, more rifles, and then start all over with my other AR.  Then I'll clean them, because the smell of gunpowder and cleaning solvent is the essence of fun.

Speaking of shooting, my wife and some friends went to the rod & gun club Saturday for some fun.  It was cold, but your hands stay warm after you heat the barrel up after a couple hundred rounds.  She was shooting her new pistol that I bought her.  That's true love.  Never did I ever think that I would trust a woman enough to give her a loaded gun.  That's when you know it doesn't get any better than that, you and your wife shooting guns, bows and enjoying the outdoors.

Anyway, last week I talked to a friend of mine that had some awesome winter crappie fishing.  He put the hammer on them, and what's cool is that he said it was his best year's fishing and he used his own bait.  He has had three new molds built and has been doing a lot of testing with the sizes, colors and scents.  We are going to try them out and I'll be getting them in my shop for sale.  Our price point will be better than anywhere else around.  They'll have them at Baker's Tackle in Lincoln, but you can get the m here at Stone Laser Imaging at 209 S. Ohio.

Starting soon, we'll be posting fishing reports along with the lake levels and upcoming tournaments, so be sure to check out my blog each week before you head out.  If you have any pics of your catch, send them to me, and don't forget the photos of your turkey kills too.  I'll be collecting them all for a chance to win a personalized turkey call and some other great stuff.

Until next week, get outside and enjoy the redneck way of life!