I grew up watching the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon where he and Daffy Duck would argue whether it was duck season or rabbit season. That played out in real life as a Missouri hunter out looking for deer was mercilessly mocked by 135 turkeys.

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I somehow missed this share by the Missouri Department of Conservation way back in January. Here's the quick backstory they included with their video share on YouTube:

Thank you to Johnny Snyder in southwest Missouri for sharing this video of a large group of wild turkeys. While muzzleloader deer hunting on his property last week, he recorded video of approximately 135 turkeys walking in front of his ground blind.

Tell me that these turkeys don't know this hunter is not allowed to touch them. I'm convinced the birds know.

The Spring turkey season in Missouri just wrapped up a few weeks ago according to the Missouri Department of Conservation website. Back in January, these turkeys were untouchable. Doesn't it just figure when you're camped out in your blind waiting for deer, that these mighty birds parade by you like they're on their way to a Thanksgiving feast.

Please consider this my applause to the hunter for being a good sport (literally) and have a great sense of humor in sharing the turkey mocking he was subjected to.

Turkeys, Turkeys, Turkeys

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