We're not exactly talking about game shows, here.  We're talking competition shows, which are kind of different.They're different in that unlike, say, Wheel of Fortune, not just anybody can get on this show.  Sure, not everyone is a celebrity, but you have to enter and be chosen to compete, you can't just buy tickets or show up on the day and hope for the best. You won't be surprised to know that our little household has quite a lot of those on the ol' DVR.  And most of them are cooking shows.

1. Tournament of Champions.

This is a new show on the Food Network that pits some unknown and some famous chefs against each other.  They have a limited amount of time to work, and the ingredients/methods they have to work with are decided randomly.  It's pretty entertaining so far, because Husbando and I have been wrong like, 75% of the time in our predictions so far.  If this was a March Madness bracket we would have been out, like, FIRST ROUND. I'm not a huge fan of Guy myself, but Husbando seems to like him.

2.  Making It.

This one is pretty cute.  It's hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, who were on Parks and Recreation together.  It's kind of like the British Bake Off, only with... crafting.  Sometimes they have to make little crafts with different materials, sometimes they have to make huge installations.  It's fun and there's a lot of puns and sly humor. And, we just like Nick and Amy, so that was enough for us.

3.  Buddy Vs Duff.

This show is centered around two dudes and their teams.  Buddy used to be on a show called Cake Boss, where, you know, he made cakes.  Duff used to be on a show called Ace Of Cakes, which is, you know.  Yeah.  About cakes.  So apparently they have a friendly rivalry and decided to do a show together where they directly compete with each other to see who can make the most outlandish, yet best tasting cake.  Husbando loves this show because he loves Duff, and he loves to hate Buddy. 

5.  Forged in Fire.

This one is on the History Channel (sorry, I couldn't find the trailer for season 7), and it's a group of four who compete against each other to see who can make the best knife.  In my opinion, it's pretty much Chopped, but instead of making food, they're making knives.  So of COURSE Husbando loves it. I'm okay with it, but there aren't many lady competitors so every time one is on I have to root for her, obviously.

What are some of your favorite competition shows? Do you like cooking shows, singing shows, physical challenge shows, etc?

Challengingly yours,


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