I swear, I do work around here. Really.Admittedly, it's not always stuff you can see, but I do. And me going onto YouTube to find interesting videos is TOTALLY for work.  I mean, it's partially my job to entertain you, after all.  So I did the work, I found some videos, and I can now present them to you for your edification.

This is Ling and Lamb.  Lamb is from Nigeria and loves food like, a lot.  You know it's getting serious when he has to turn his hat around.  Anyway, that's the story of being confused about English slang phrases.

Now this was from about six years ago, but I didn't see it at the time.  Yes, this Dad manages to get his pants on without using his hands or dropping the baby.  That's peak Dad right there.

At first I thought this was a piece of plastic or something, but that's the joys of nature for you.  I loved watching documentaries about bioluminescence a few years back.

A classic guilty dog video.  You know who made the mess.  We all know.

Okay, now that sounds like something I might have done as a kid, to be honest.  But the quality of their protest sign is higher than anything I would have produced.

So anyway, there's some small moments of internet fun for you.  I hope you have a great New Year and stay safe out there.  And if you feel like sharing, why not leave some of your favorite little funny videos in the comments?

Internettingly yours,



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