Clinton Police arrested 3 teenagers early Sunday morning in connection to stolen guns and credit cards.

A press release from the Clinton Missouri Police Department indicates around 1:30 Sunday morning (Jan 6), an officer observed a pickup truck to be speeding and running stop signs near the area of 3rd and Ohio Street.

The officer stopped the vehicle at 7th and Green, where another officer also arrived on scene. The truck was reportedly driven by 17-year old Luke T. Gary, of Windsor. Two other passengers in the truck were identified as 17-year old James E. Lysinger Jr., of Clinton and 19 -year old James L. Mcintire, of Urich.

Police asked the suspects why they were speeding and running stop signs, with Mcintire reportedly telling officers they had been robbed and were chasing the person who robbed them.

The occupants of the vehicle reportedly refused to answer any further questions about the alleged robbery. Authorities say consent was given to search the truck and the occupants were asked to exit and were patted down.

While Lysinger was being patted down, an officer felt a revolver in the pants pocket and told Lysinger to stay still while he removed it from the pocket.

Instead of staying still, Lysinger reportedly pulled away from the officer, striking the officer in the mouth in the process.

Lysinger then attempted to run but was unable to completely break free of the officer's grip. He was reportedly taken to the ground and placed in handcuffs.

Upon checking computer records, it was revealed the loaded handgun that Lysinger had in his pocked had been stolen in Clinton the night before.

Clinton Police say a search of the truck also revealed a stolen shotgun, credit cards and several other stolen items. An additional stolen firearm was also recovered at a residence in Windsor.

All three subjects were taken to the Henry County Detention Center for Felony Stealing. Lysinger also faces an additional charge of Resisting Arrest.

Clinton, MO Police Dept
Clinton, MO Police Dept

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