Today I was in Warrensburg for the 8th Annual Highlands in the Burg event! It was a lot of fun and I got to learn a lot, all while meeting very sweet and interesting people.

They had games, crafts, animals, food, vendors, everything!

This is something they call a Sheaf Toss. Basically the guy spears the sheaf of hay with a pitchfork and tries to throw it over a certain height set by a bar.

They have all sorts of categories, from age group to experience.

This is called the Weight for Distance throw. This is a weighted ball at the end of a chain, and they try to throw it as far as they can.

This is a very fascinating competition called the Caber Toss. They're using huge, heavy log type things and they try to get them to turn completely around. It looked very difficult!

Here's an action shot just before he throws the Caber:

They also had several native animals! They had a beautiful Clydesdale at the event named Ferris, who was an award winner and very popular. Those horses are huge! I didn't know that they came from an area around the Clyde River, which is why they're called Clydesdales.

This lady here is spinning wool. She said she could make up to 300 yards of string in one spin!

This is a Highland Cattle. He was very beautiful and a little attention seeker!

As you can see, he's covered with hair/fur, and that keeps him warm and stops him from having to accumulate as much back fat. Because of that, he's a very lean meat and actually, the Highland Angus is the only beef the Queen of England eats.

This was a feisty demonstration of different tools and weapons. This group is called the Sons of Alba, and they're based in Kansas City. They not only did the demonstration, but also taught about the history of many of the items. It was very fun and educational, and the kids got to play (carefully) with some of the tools/weapons afterward. They also had a raconteur with them to tell Scottish Tales to the people.

Here we had a Sheepherder show us his dog in action! This particular dog was about three years old and she only had one eye. She did the job great, though.

Of course there was also a lot of traditional Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Celtic music played all throughout the day.

And so many Kilts, you can hardly believe it!

These dudes definitely were rockin those things and bringing their A Game.

And then I saw this little thing near the Historical Society's booth. So... it's a mixture of old and new? And Nsync?

It was an excellent time for everybody, and if you haven't been, do try to go next year. Tomorrow I'll have the Video gallery. I took several videos, and you don't want to miss those!