This week on the show I brought up a story out of San Francisco. Normally when I think of California I think of people who are very laid back and new age. That was definitely not the case in this story. A woman was arrested in this story for biting another woman over a parking space.

I somehow doubt it was this cute.

I cannot imagine a scenario where I would think that biting someone is appropriate. I mean, the last time I even really knew someone who did that was when I was a kid, and they got time out for it! That is definitely tantrum, toddler like behavior. I cannot imagine how this person thought, "Oh, no! I wanted that parking space. How will I resolve this conflict? I bet if I bite this lady, she'll get out of my parking space! Yeah, that'll work!"

Now, here in Sedalia we occasionally get traffic and sometimes you'll hear about someone flipping someone the bird or what have you, but luckily I haven't heard of too many instances of Road Rage. Yeah, I've hollered at people who cut me off or scolded under my breath when someone doesn't use a turn signal, but I don't think that really counts as full on Road Rage.

Do you think you have suffered from the dreaded RR? What do you do to try to prevent it? Do you feel like people have directed it at you? Why do you think RR has been more prevalent in the last twenty years or so than in times past..... or has it?

Ragily yours,