Alright.  Here's the thing.  I d

on't eat after ANYBODY.  Once someone has touched the food on their plate, it is theirs.  Once they have drank from a glass, that to belongs entirely to them.  And it is NEVER okay to double dip.  That's me.  And evidently, I'm no longer in touch with the "under 35" crowd.

In a new survey by T.G.I. Friday's, 67% of people under the age of 35 say it is acceptable to bite a chip and stick it back in the dip that is being used by everyone.  I quote Moon Unit Zappa when I say (In valley girl voice) "BARF OUT".  Once I see someone do that, they own the dip.

IF you want to double dip, and I can understand wanting dip on each bite of your chip, there are ways to do that.  1. break the chip in half and dip the halves. 2. put some dip on your plate or get a bowl.  Then you can dip as much as you want.

Are you a double dipper?  Do you think it is okay when someone else does it?

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