One of the pleasures of growing up in Northern IL was traveling out to the country on the weekend and getting prime rib.  There were restaurants that were seemingly in the middle of nowhere, that served up the BEST prime rib dinners.

I'm not talking about the pre-cut and put in the oven stuff you get at many places.  I'm talking about the slow roasted whole prime rib.  How you like your meat cooked would determine where on the roast they would slice your portion from.  Of course, your meal came with potato, vegetable, soup AND salad.  All of the sides were served on a separate plate because the prime rib consumed the entire main plate and was so tender, you could cut it with a fork.

Today is National Prime Rib Day!  Doug mentioned Heroe's in Warrensburg and I brought up Scarlett's in Stover for places to go for great prime rib.  What are some other places that have this delicacy?

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