Valentine's Day will be here before you know it, and if you've been single for Valentine's Day before, you know it's no fun. However, it could be a lot worse: you could be on the receiving end of one of these insane candy hearts...

Yikes, not exactly the way you want to start off Valentine's Day. Is the candy supposed to be a way to let you down easy?


Consider it a compliment. Besides, it could be worse. Your mom probably got the one that said "MILF" on it.


Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Your friend probably doesn't go for guys that cant spell "your" anyway, right?


Thanks for the reminder. It doesn't change the fact that you're chowing down on them, eating away your sorrows and trying to make it through this ridiculous holiday.


Just remember that no matter how miserable you are on Valentine's Day, there's no way your as miserable as the guy trying to juggle two women at the same time on Valentine's Day. Maybe you can sneak an "I Cheated" heart into his other lady's candy and really ruin his day.


Maybe they should just keep a box of these ones behind the bar. Better yet, they should make breath mints that say this on them!


Yeesh, seems a bit clingy. Like, psychopathic killer clingy...


No candlelight dinner, fancy chocolates or expensive jewelry this year. How about a quick run through the drive-thru and a nice Netflix binge for the evening?




Hey, we've seen this one on 'Maury' before, haven't we?


The good news you can blow off this year's Hallmark holiday by bringing your friends to our Stupid Cupid Party at Friendly's Tavern on Saturday, Feb. 15. It's the day after Valentine's Day so you don't have to deal with any sappy couples flaunting their public displays of affection, which will make you sicker than any Valentine's Day candy can. We'll see you there!

By the way, if you want to make your own crazy candy hearts, you can make your own here.