Check out this photo of 5-year-old Kole Kenyon. As you can tell by those groups on the target, he's already a top shot.

Kole's been shooting since he was three. That's his little brother in the lower left corner of the photo. That means their father and one of my best friends, JR Kenyon, is doing the right thing by getting them started early.

Spending that quality time in the outdoors your kids is definitely time well spent. If they're out fishing or hunting, that means they're not out on the streets.

The 3D archery shoots are in full swing in California, Missouri this weekend. My family, including my lovely wife, will be out shooting at a memorial shoot for one of the club member's son who is no longer with us. State Fair Archery will be holding a 3D shoot this weekend too. You can get directions by calling me at Stone Laser Imaging at 660-596-8545.

Remember, archery is a sport for all ages, and Kole proves you can start young, so get out there with the whole family.