Why don’t Ghosts like to go out in the rain on Halloween? They’re afraid it will dampen their spirits!  Now you need to share your favorite Halloween jokes with us…I might even come up with a prize for the best of the best.

Now try to keep the jokes and/or riddles somewhat PG and or R rated. We may have some of the kids participating and I don’t want to send them running away from the computer asking their mom and dads questions about Frankenstein’s anatomy. I’ll look over them, pick out what I think is the best joke/jokes and/or riddles, and award you with a bag of Halloween candy.

Now, by the time we get our winner, the candy may outdated and it might be the stuff that you usually find on the bottom of the bargain bin, but I guarantee before sell date freshness!!! 

Let’s see how many responses we get and how many jokesters will get a bag of scary treats from the morning show on Better Country KIX 105.

Halloween Party With Children Trick Or Treating In Costume


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