With the Chiefs in the playoffs the time is right for Jackson County to get rid of the rest of the old seats in the upper level that were replaced before the season. I'm sure you heard it on the news at the time. Instead of just throwing all the old seats in a dumpster, Jackson County hired someone to sell the old seats.

Because nostalgia that's why. Because there are Chiefs fanatics willing to pay between $550.00 - $275.00 for a bit of nostalgia for their man cave, memorabilia room, garage, whatever.

About 2,500 seats from Arrowhead were saved and according to KMBC there are between 100-150 seats left for sale. The company Jackson County worked with to sell the seats went through them all, fixed problems, re-assembled them and made sure all seats put up for sale are in good working order. Additionally the seats come with feet brackets and hardware to bolt them into a floor or deck so the seats stand up and people can actually sit in them.

A pair of seats from the stadium cost $409.00 and a single seat cost $277.00. This includes delivery to your home. If you want to learn more about buying a seat you can find that out here.


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