It's cold out there, and it's supposed to keep getting colder this month.  Which means it's time for COLD RAGE. It's been a few  years now, and Husbando and I have our routines for when the weather turns colder.  It seems like we have the same little spats every time!

#1.)  Whether or not to turn up the heat (I say no, use a blanket).

#2.)  Whether or not to open the windows to let fresh air in (We don't, although sometimes I want to).

#3.)  Whether or not to turn down the heat to save money (I'm the frugal one. It doesn't cost anything for you to put on a sweater, bucko!).

#4.)  Someone using up all the hot water (I don't know where he gets this, I take literally less than five minutes in the shower).

#5.)  Someone taking a hot bath instead of a quick shower (Why? WHY.)


But I don't think we bicker that much, and we manage to keep pretty warm.  I mean sure, he steals the covers (and then denies it), but he is a human furnace, so he manages to keep me warm. Just put on some good heavy socks, grab a blanky, and you're set, right?

What kind of spats does your household have over the cold?

Warmly yours,

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