Almost every day you see someone using an iPhone with a horribly cracked screen.  And you feel so bad for them, you want to give them money or a hug or something, right?  They're the REAL disenfranchised members of society.  Well don't pity us!! I was one of those unfortunate souls (not with an iPhone, but still) for about two years.  For some reason, the lower half of my phone just completely lost any touch screen capability.  The notifications would actually notify me maybe half the time?  And if I was lucky I could get a text message out.  But I didn't want to plop out the money to get a new phone.  I would and have bought Husbando a couple of phones over the last two years but I just couldn't do it for myself.

Until about two months ago.  And now..... it's like night and day.  I still marvel at the fact that everything on this device WORKS.  It's amazing to me.  I don't have to delete every picture I take immediately. It's mind blowing.

And yet, according to a new study, almost HALF of people are using a broken smart phone right now.

Now, that includes minor damage like a scratch on the body or the screen.  Only 8% have broken glass . . . but still, that's around one out of every 12.   The study also found the most common way people break their phones is . . . by dropping them.  Not exactly a shocker there.

And it costs an average of $144 to fix a broken phone.  See?! Expensive!  But then, my new phone is still not a super expensive I don't think I paid more than that to get my new one.

Oh well, it works, and I'm happy. What about you? Are you happy with your cell phone? Is anything broken on it? Cracked screen, anything like that?


Technically yours,