Welcome back in to another Would You Rather Wednesday. Last week we had a Halloween themed question. The majority of you would rather spend the night in a house where someone was murdered as opposed to a dark cemetery. Today we discuss some gross bodily fluids. Come with me!

The weather is starting to get chilly outside. Halloween has come and gone, but flu season is alive and well. I think everyone at the station has caught the same cold already. I'm always on patrol; I will watch someone sneeze and make sure to disinfect everything within a 10 foot radius of them.

While we are on the subject of germs, I make sure to basically wear a makeshift hazmat suit when I go to any public restroom. Sometimes you get the unexpected: sitting in something that isn't yours. Women, I have no idea if you have this problem, but I have heard some women's restroom horror stories.

Would you rather have someone sneeze on the back of your neck or sit on a wet toilet seat?  Let us know in our poll below, or get points for taking our poll here.

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