Happy Humpday to you! Last week we were living inside someone's daydreams. The majority of you would rather live inside of a 6-year-old's daydreams as opposed to a 60-year-old's daydreams. This week we get a little nerdy in a galaxy far, far away.

I haven't been in the radio industry that long. In the few years that I have worked in radio, I have met some interesting people. I have met a lot of different types of personalities. Some people try and alter their voice and sound wacky or exciting. We refer to those people as "pukers." Some are very dry and boring and will breath directly into the microphone. All of these little things are noticeable, but I'm sure you all have people at your work that has an annoying voice or breathes a little too loud.

I have always wondered which one is worse. Today you are going to help me out with the help of Star Wars. Everyone has seen Star Wars, so I figured this would be a good example.

Would you rather permanently talk like Yoda or breath like Darth Vader?  Let us know in our poll below!

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