When it comes to parking lots in Sedalia a lot of them present challenges. Yet when we asked you what parking lot was the worst, one parking lot was mentioned way more than any other. We'll get to that in our list of the Top five worst parking lots in Sedalia. But first, here's some of the lots you were talking about on our Facebook page.

Nancey suggested that the parking lot at the Orschelin Farm and Home on Limit was the worst. And MJ responded that "the whole parking lot there I think was thought out and striped by a 2 year old. Lol."

Autry mentioned one of the parking lots that I hate. The parking lot in the strip mall on Broadway where the Papa John's, Jimmy John's and Factory Outlet are.  Actually parking there is OK, but getting out of the lot and back onto Broadway can be challenging. Especially if you're going west. Shannon agrees with me on that.

One of the most hated parking lots in Sedalia is the Starbucks. MJ said, "Only one way in and one way out if you go into the building." And Rafaela commented that there's no room in the lot.

Speaking of not a lot of room, the Sonic on Limit also got mentioned. Although I'd say any Sonic parking lot anywhere during lunch or dinner time is tough. Cars pulling in the driveway, cars waiting to get back out on the street. Cars backing out of the stalls while other cars are navigating their way around the restaurant to find a place to pull in. The one on Limit is a rough one to get out of because of traffic on Limit.

That said, lack of room in a parking lot isn't the only factor when it comes to bad parking lots. Folks mentioned Walmart, the Woods East grocery store, and Thompson Hills Shopping Center as bad parking lots even though they all have larger parking areas. And I get it.

Parking is one of the main reasons I try to avoid stopping by the Walmart in Sedalia. And if you want to get close to the license office, or park close to the store you want to visit at Thompson Hills, you may find yourself squeezing into a spot.

Here is our list of the top five worst parking lots in Sedalia as decided by you, along with four more parking lots that get honorable mention. Scroll down to see what parking lot is the worst in Sedalia.

The Top 5 Worst Parking Lots in Sedalia

We recently asked you what the worst parking lot in Sedalia was. One stood out as the worst, and a few others weren't that far behind.

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