The parent company of Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun in Kansas City have obtained the rights to purchase Schlitterbahn's troubled Kansas City area water park.

Cedar Fair, the parent company of Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun, have entered into an agreement to buy two Schlitterbahn parks in Texas for $261 Million Dollars. As part of the agreement Cedar Fair may buy the Kansas City, Kansas water park for an additional $6 Million Dollars. This according to KSHB-TV.

Does that mean the Kansas City water park will open any time soon? I wouldn't hold my breath. Cedar Fair may see the opportunity to buy two of Schlitterbahn's Texas parks as a way to get into a Texas amusement business dominated by Six Flags. Six Flags has amusement parks in the Dallas area and San Antonio as well as a Dallas area waterpark. That said when it comes to heading to a waterpark in Texas, Schlitterbahn is almost as big a deal as heading to Six Flags Over Texas to ride the roller coasters.

The Schlitterbahn locations Cedar Fair is buying are in New Braunfels, more or less halfway between San Antonio and Austin. But also a popular destination for Texans in other parts of the state. And their location in the touristy Galveston area. Both parks have won numerous awards including "Best Water Park in the World" and "Best Indoor Water Park in the World." This according to KSAT.

Schlitterbahn Kansas City is more infamously known as the water park where a 10 year old boy lost his life on Verrückt, the tallest and fastest water slide in the world. Additionally the park never really lived up to the potential and the vision that the Henry Family, Schlitterbahn's owners, envisioned for the park. That's without any of the issues caused by Verrückt. Aditionally, Cedar Fair has their own water park, Oceans of Fun, which is only 25 miles and 35 minutes from the Schlitterbahn Kansas City park.

I could see Cedar Fair buying Schlitterbahn Kansas City to keep someone else from buying and operating the park. I could see them buying the park for infastructure that they might be able to use at other waterparks they own. I'm not sure new ownership would be enough to overcome the park's troubles, and I'm not sure Cedar Fair is motivated to do that when their own parks are 25 miles away.

Of course I'm not an expert in the amusement park business. It's just something I find interesting. Cedar Fair might find some data, research, or business reasons to buy and reopen the park. For fans of Schlitterbahn Kansas City that would be a good thing.

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