This Saturday, June 13 and Sunday, June 14 are the dates for the Wings Over Whiteman Air Show, featuring 'The United States Air Force Thunderbirds' and 'United States Army Golden Knights' along with many other static and aerial demonstration teams.

The Wings Over Whiteman Airshow is free, however to help you prepare for the events on Saturday and Sunday, we have a few tips courtesy of those involved with the air show.

Q: What is WOW?
A: Whiteman will host a two-day air show and open house June 13 & 14 and gates will open to the general public at 9 a.m. and close at 4 p.m. The American public will have an opportunity to view the world's premier weapon system, the B-2 Spirit, as well as the A-10 Thunderbolt II, and a host of military and civilian aircraft.

Q: What can I bring?
A: To safeguard personnel and resources during the 2015 WOW Open House, certain items will be prohibited from entering the installation and/or spectator area. These items are listed below as well as the items allowed into the spectator area.

Prohibited items on the installation and in the air show spectator area:
- Knives (Regardless of blade length), multi-tools, box cutters, razors
- Firearms, stun-guns, mace and/or OC spray, ammunition (Unless carried by law enforcement officers with valid credentials); weapons such as clubs, black jacks, brass knuckles
- Explosives

Prohibited items in the air show spectator area:
- Back packs, gym bags or camel backs
- Coolers, glass bottles, alcoholic beverages
- Non-prescription medication, illicit/illegal drugs and or paraphernalia (Marijuana, meth, etc)
- Walkie-talkies, GPS units
- Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades/skates, scooters
- Pets
Permitted items in the air show spectator area:
- Folding lawn chairs
- Strollers or pull-along wagons
- Purses and fanny packs (Medium or smaller in size)
- Medical, diaper, and camera bags (Medium or smaller in size)
- Clear beverages in clear, see-through containers
- Cameras, camcorders, cell phones
- Wheelchairs
- Radio Scanners
Q: What does it cost?
A: Entrance and parking is free.

Q: What are the security procedures?
A: Please note all vehicles entering Whiteman are subject to search at any time.
Refusal to comply will result in denial of access to Whiteman. Visual inspections of hand-carried items will be conducted. There will be a heavy K-9 presence throughout base.
All spectators will be screened prior to entering the spectator area. This includes walk-through metal detectors, transfriskers, emptying of pockets, and searches of hand-carried items. Prohibited items found during screening will be seized by Security Forces. Violators will be cited, processed and turned over to civilian police and/or escorted off the installation.
Amnesty boxes will be available for spectators to dispose of prohibited items prior to entering screening areas. Once items are placed in the amnesty boxes, they cannot be returned the owner(s). Items placed in amnesty boxes are done at the owner's risk.
The 509th SFS will not assume liability or responsibility for safeguarding items for spectators or items left in amnesty boxes. Amnesty boxes will be monitored to prevent pilferage. It is recommended that spectators leave any prohibited items in their vehicles or in the amnesty boxes.

Q: Can I bring water, drinks and/or food?
A: We will not turn away anyone carrying drinks or food in their hands, but backpacks and coolers with these items will not be permitted on the airfield. All items brought in are subject to approval by gate security personnel and a hand-search at the security checkpoint.

Q: I have small children. Can I bring a stroller/diaper bag/clothes change/etc.?
A: Yes. Strollers will be hand-searched at the security checkpoint. Please bring only necessary items in a small diaper bag, subject to hand-search at the security checkpoint. Large diaper bags will not be permitted. You can return to your vehicle during the show to get extra clothes, restock diaper items, etc.

Q: If I cannot bring something into the air show, can I go out to my car during the show?
A: Yes. Anyone re-entering will have to go through security checkpoints again.

Q: Is there shade?
A: The air show facility is under an open sky. Patrons are encouraged to plan accordingly. Some shade can be found under the wings of static display aircraft.

Q: Will there be food, drinks, and souvenirs at the air show?
A: Food, water, beer, soft drinks, and merchandise will be available for purchase. Tents will be located throughout the air show display area.

Q: Where do I park?
A: When you arrive at WAFB, security personnel will direct you to available parking lots/spaces.

Q: I have additional questions. Who do I contact?
A: Please message us on the Wings Over Whiteman Facebook page and someone will get back with you in 24 hours.