You've basically had off 48 hours. Enough time to rest, get the necessary hours of sleep that your body craves and yet come Monday morning you're tired and you can't get motivated...why is that?

I made sure Sunday evening I went to bed about 15 minutes earlier than usual so I would wake up Monday morning fresh and revitalized. The alarm goes off at 4 a.m. and it seems as if I never went to sleep! What is the deal with Monday mornings?

That's what many utter the first thing in the morning when starting a new work week. But sometimes it isn't the sleep that is the problem. Maybe it's your environment. Maybe what's going on around you isn't keeping you motivated. Maybe it's your job. It could be the relationship that you are currently in. Lack of exercise. Maybe you're burning both ends of the candle and working a part-time job over the weekend. A number of factors could be the real problem for not having any pep when you roll out of bed Monday mornings.

In one story I read this is how we should wake up every morning. Refreshed...invigorated. Think about it...when you go on vacation you stay out late, you get up the next morning excited about what the day has in store for you. Why doesn't this carry over to our days on the job?

Maybe it's time to step back, take a hard look at what motivates you, what makes you happy. Set a path to get that spring back in your step. Change up a few things in your routine. Do what it takes to make you excited about facing a new day. It just may make that next awakening to your alarm clock a little easier.

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