As if you didn't have enough to worry about with buying presents, making travel arrangement for the holidays, and what-not. Have you given any thought to if and how much you should tip during the holidays?

Ok, you know you would like to tip certain individuals but just ones should that be? Whom should that list include? According to a story on, if anyone helps to make your life easier throughout the year, you should probably tip them.

Some of the people on that list include, hairdresser, mail carrier, lawn care specialists, trash collectors, personal trainers, massage therapists and babysitters.

According to Marketwatch when to tip is a big question. You have to remember that most people are just like us, and the ealier the better for the extra cash as it can always come in handy for the holiday budgeting.

Not really sure on how much to give? There's a guide from the Emily Post Insitute on tipping amounts during the holidays that offer suggestions.

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