Memorial Day isn't just a three day weekend. It's a very important holiday for a lot of different reasons. It's different from Veterans Day, because Memorial Day is specifically for people who have died in the service. But, a lot of people also use the day just to remember loved ones who have passed over the years.  It's a nice moment, I think,  for everyone, not just for people who have served or had family serve.

And it's always a nice little moment when I drive to work before the weekend starts and I see the little flags all up and down Broadway and Limit.  I thought, "What a nice thing to do. I wonder who goes to all that trouble?"  Well, I found out, alright.  It's the Coldwell Banker Monsess Realty group!

I talked with Tony Monsess, who is the broker/owner.  He says he's been doing this for about thirty years, somewhere around 1987 or '88.  He got the idea by seeing other little towns around Missouri doing it, and thought, "Why not here?".  Patriotism runs deep in his family, and he felt it was important to show that.  Every year, people from the office with their spouses, children, grandchildren, or whoever else can help get together and put up the flags.   This year they had about 17 or 18 people put out about 3500 flags.  Tony says they probably buy a box or so every year and try to reuse what they can.

So thanks, I think, are in order for all of them from all of us.  Thanks for volunteering your time and efforts to let us all have a little more meaning to our Memorial Day weekend.

Flagly yours,

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