Did you see the 2018 list of the world's most influential people from Time Magazine? I wasn't terribly impressed with the list. It was amazing at how many of those people I had never heard of. I also thought a lot of them seemed like maybe they used to be influential, but I'm not so sure they still are in 2018. Whether I agree with it or not, Time's list is out, and it is what it is. What if we were to make a list of local people that are influential in our community? Who would be on it?

Both Sedalia and Warrensburg got new mayors in 2018. So maybe John Kehde and Danielle Johnston would go on the list. What about UCM president Chuck Ambrose, or Dr. Joanna Anderson with State Fair Community College? There's a new superintendent at Sedalia 200 that will be taking over this summer, and a new Sedalia police chief recently named. All might be good choices.

The local list can include more than politicians and public figures. Anyone that makes a difference and has a positive impact in our communities would be a good choice for The Most Influential People in West-Central Missouri. Let us know who should be on the list, and why. We'll compile a collection of names and comments and share it with our audience!

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