Some us know that there are certain things that you can do in public with no consequences, and some things that you can't.  There is a time and place for everything.  Maybe you wish you could do certain things but unfortunately they may be inappropriate, inconsiderate, or plane silly.

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A new poll asked people what things they wished they could do freely in public.  The responses were everything from "good" deeds, to "innocently" fixing your clothes.  The top ten are listed below.  How many do you agree with?

Compliment A Stranger

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Certainly this can be appreciated, and it probably depends on what the compliment is, and who it is being directed to.

Going To The Movies Alone

21 Reasons People Who Go To The Cinema Alone Are The Right Ones

I have done this before.  It is nice, no one bothers you and you don't have to worry about someone talking too loud.

Telling Someone You Love Them

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Maybe just avoid shouting it in a public space, but I think this is perfectly fine.

Walking Down The Street Singing Loudly

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If someone is singing WELL, I am fine.  Bed singing...just stop please!

Listening To People Without Headphones

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You should be able to listen to someone and not take out your earbuds or headphones, right? Right? I guess many still think it is rude.  At least take one out.

Passing Gas Or Burping Loudly

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I suspect this will really never become socially acceptable, but it can be funny, or embarrassing.  Depending on the smell and who was the one who broke wind, also can be a factor.  As for belching, if it is on purpose, I just think you are trying to draw attention to yourself.  Have a little class.

Walking Barefoot

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I get that some of you don't like to wear shoes.  But bare feet can smell, you can step in something you shouldn't, and if your feet aren't decorated or the nails aren't trimmed, it just looks bad.  Shoes are better!

Doing Yoga Stretches In The Park

Easy Yoga Poses: 17 Basic Moves, No Experience Necessary

This may bother some, but I certainly don't find this inappropriate.  To each their own.  Namaste!

Adjusting Your Underwear

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Yeah, I can see this one making the list.  If you got to, you got to.  Just wash your hands or use sanitizer afterwards.  Please!

Dancing In The Streets

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You know what? As long as you are not blocking traffic, dance like no one is watching and have a blast!

Some that did not make the Top Ten including smoking, drinking alcohol and eating in public.  For some, this is frown upon. For others, who cares. Oh and 1 more, PDA.  A light kiss, no problem.  Full make out session...get a room.  For more info on this article click HERE.  Share your thoughts.

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