Are any of you expecting a child in 2023? Did any of you have a child in the 2022 year? First of all, if you did, or will be, congratulations! Have you considered the name of that child?  It is a big responsibility.  You want to choose a name that you will like, hopefully your child will like, and won't make them the source of ridicule for the rest of their lives.

Don't pull a George Costanza.  Take your time.  Give it some thought.  As 2022 comes to a close, what were the most popular baby names for the state of Missouri in 2022? compiled a list from the state of Missouri using the Social Security Administration from the number of babies born in 2021.  Here were your Top Ten for boys:  And you can click HERE for the top 50.

10 - Jack

9 - Theodore

8 - Benjamin

7 - James

6 - Noah

5 - Elijah

4 - William

3 - Liam

2 - Henry

1 - Oliver

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How about for girls? Click HERE for the top 50.

10 - Isabella

9 - Evelyn

8 - Eleanor

7 - Sophia

6 - Harper

5 - Emma

4 - Ava

3 - Amelia

2 - Charlotte

1 - Olivia

Now what about those of you who will be expecting a child in 2023.   Well the website put a list together of what names they think will be popular in 2023.  This is not necessarily the names that are rising, but could make some serious gains. You can click the link for the full list, as 23 were mentioned.  I will highlight a few, in no random order.

Archie - Harry and Meghan's son's name.

Breland - Up and coming country singer.

Linus - Yes, the Peanuts gang character, and its an early pope's name.

Romy - A rich sounding name.

Wilde - A surname edge to temper the wildness of the word.

Got any names in mind for a child?  For the record, I have always liked names for kids that can be both a first and last name.  Got any suggestions?

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