We've all had it happen at one time or another. You walk up to someone and say hello. They respond but you don't hear their response. All you do is smell their bad breath. Or someone comes up to you and their fragrance is overwhelming, and it's not good!

If you were stuck in a room full of people for a few hours, which would be the worst situation-bad breath or body odor. (B.O.)

Of course, unfortunately, both can be attributed to health problems. Other times it's just bad hygiene.

I do know the one of the worst things that can happen is when you have someone come up to you face-to-face, they start talking and their dragon breath suddenly engulfs your nostrils. Whew!

Or how about when you are talking to someone, you start noticing an overwhelming scent and all of a sudden that chicken salad that you had for lunch is about to make a quick exit from your stomach due to the overwhelming stench of body odor! Oh my goodness!

So tell us...which would be the worst!


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