So since I came on board here at KIX 105.7, I was welcomed by you, the audience.  Thank you for your support.  With the exception of one listener who had issues with my review of LeMaire's Cajun Catfish in town (The whole staff enjoyed the food there), it has all been positive.  One of the nice perks that working for Townsquare Media has, is vacation time.  So I am trying to formulate one in the next few months.


Above is the question I posed to you, our listeners on suggestions for a place to visit for a potential vacation or a weekend getaway.  When I had vacation time from my previous employer I usually went to Las Vegas for a few days with a friend.  Or I drove home to Illinois and spent time with my friends and family.  This time (since I get more than one week per year) I have more time to take advantage of.  And I wanted to explore more of Missouri.  Where did you suggest I go? Allow me to share:

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As of this writing, about 20 people suggested Branson.  I have wanted to go there so this could happen for sure.  Lora Hilburn wrote:

Branson for sure, I have enjoyed silver dollar city several times, and it never gets old.. Titanic museum is awesome, Dolly Stampede is one great show with good food. The aquarium at bass pro was neat, and we absolutely love eating at Lambert's home of the throwed roll!!

Chad Copper wrote: Branson is super busy but awesome.  B.J Corliss mentioned the Drive Thru Zoo in Branson.  That sounds a lot of fun.

The Hermann Wine Trail | Hermann Missouri

Hermann, Missouri got a few votes.  Thank you to Kristy, Morgan, and Doug.  I see that wine may have to be consumed, and there is plenty of spas and theater, as well as outdoor adventures.  As a theater person, I will have to check this out in more detail.

Stockton State Park & Lake - Thank you Carol Diane Cash for this suggestion.  Looks like if the weather gets warmer this could be great.  I like the idea of the cabin to relax. Hope I have the budget for it.   :)

Lake of the Ozarks - Photos | Facebook

Lots of suggestions for the Lake of the Ozarks.  I have driven through there once, and it looks like a lot of fun.  I have a few friends that are in the area, and this is a must. I think I may have to get a tour guide.

The Elephant Rock Formation at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada at Sunset
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Elephant Rock State Park - Thank you to Jessica Smethers for this suggestion. If you like a fair amount of hiking, I think this place could be right up your alley.

You can click on the original post for the other suggestions, and if you have more to offer, feel free to share.

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