So you notice something isn't right with your car and/or truck. It's making a weird noise that you haven't heard before. Or maybe, when you pull up to the stoplight you're noticing a little shimmy in the front end. What is it? Are you one to head to the garage, open up the tool box, and jump right in trying to figure it out? Or do you make a phone call to someone that you know can take care of it for you?

I'm hoping this will cause some commotion. I'm hoping there are some names of mechanics and/or garages that come to light that you've never heard of before along with the names that we rely on.

It used to be that you could pull your vehicle under the tree out back, lift the hood and basically take care of most minor mechanical ventures. Changing your oil, putting in new spark plugs and replacing a worn fan belt.

For some of us that has changed considerably. Now you pop the hood and you just stare at the conglomeration of wires and aluminum.  What was once a Sunday afternoon of accomplishing an obtainable task with your Montgomery Wards tool chest and the collection of various wrenches and sockets is now a thing of the past. So with this who do you rely on to take care of the family car.

Do you take it to an established dealer in the area or maybe a garage that's been in business since you were running around on your trike? Is it someone in the family that has the knack, the ability to fix basically anything?

Whomever it is...we want to know.


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