We've all had them. That vehicle that would constantly break down and caused more headaches than what it was worth.

There was an article in Road and Track that talked about the worst car ever built. An attorney that practices law concerning the vehicle Lemon Law said it had to be the Renault Alliance. He said, "That vehicle made the AMC Gremlin and Pacer look like a star."

I started thinking about the different vehicles I've had since my introduction into car ownership and I honestly have to say I can't think of one that was just hands down terrible.

My first car was a 65 Chevy Nova and then I moved up to a 73 Pontiac Ventura. Then it was a 71 Buick Regal, followed by various year Chevy Impalas, a Pontiac Bonneville (The rear floorboards were rusted out so you could see the pavement... my kids thought it was cool until we went down a gravel road), and even a late 70's model Dodge Aspen station wagon with simulated wood grain paneling on the sides.(It was nicknamed the "Four-Door Grocery Catcher")

I've had a few trucks, a Ford Explorer, too. But all in all, I guess I should consider myself lucky to not have had one of the "lemons"  that we unfortunately we hear about.

How about you?

blue car
Martin Alfaro


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