St Patrick's Day is coming up, and I know a lot of you are going to be planning on heading out on the town. For most of us, we're not huge binge drinkers, but we like a little every now and then. So this new survey sheds some light into our every day habits.

So to spot which is the drunkest area in each state, the scientists found how many people binge drank, or who drank to excess more than once a week.

So in Missouri, our drunkest city is.... St Louis!  The percentage of adults who binge or drink heavily is 22% in St Louis, versus 17% of heavy drinkers/binge drinkers in the state average.

Missouri has some of the lowest alcohol taxes nationwide. Perhaps as a result, 17.0% of Missouri adults report heavy or binge drinking, compared to the national share of 15.0%. In St. Louis, meanwhile, 22.0% of adults report excessive drinking. St. Louis is less healthy than the state and the nation as a whole, which may be due at least in part to its population’s drinking habits.

So sure, have a good time this St Paddy's... but remember your liver. And get a DD.

Green Beerily yours,

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