Growing up in Chicago I learned that you don't put ketchup on hot dogs. Chicagoan's make a big showy deal about not putting ketchup on their dogs. But is that really true? Not really. I know plenty of Chicagoan's who have committed that cardinal sin. I have myself from time to time. I wondered though what non Chicagoan's feelings are about ketchup on hot dogs. I surprisingly found some strong feelings on the matter when I asked it as my 3 O'Clock Question on our Facebook page:

  • Billie says, "Ummmmm no. Lol mustard or barbecue sauce."
  • Michelle says, "Nothing."
  • Yvette says, "Nope mustard and relish."
  • Melissa says, "Heck NO KETCHUP IS NASTY!!! Mustard & onion or plain."
  • Sandra says, "No, either mustard, chili and cheese, or mayo."

Stronger comments against putting ketchup on hot dogs than I expected in West Central Missouri. It's not that I'm all that surprised that people aren't fans of ketchup on hot dogs. I find the sweetness of ketchup on a hot dog clashes with the spice of the frankfurter. Mix in a little mustard and the ketchup works better, but generally I don't find ketchup and dogs go well together.

That said, not everyone was anti ketchup on their wieners:

  • Tosha says, "Yup and sometimes relish."
  • Lori says, "Yes and pickle relish."
  • Donna says, "Yep and mustard sometimes cheese."
  • Penny says, "Ketchup on chili dogs, mustard on any other hotdogs. "

When it was all said and done those against putting ketchup on their dogs barely edged out those who were fine with putting ketchup on their frankfurters. Thomas, in his Facebook comment, indicated whether he puts ketchup on his dog depends on his mood. And that's my feeling too.

Kathy usually likes fixings on her frankfurters so when I'm steaming us some dogs, I usually have to get the fixings out and sometimes I'll squirt some mustard or mustard or ketchup on mine too.

The bottom line, put whatever you want on your hot dog. Don't just dress your dog a certain way because there's some fake rule that tells you how to do it. Or because people in Chicago or New York City cook a hot dog a certain way. Or there's a custom way to dress it in Cincinnati or Chicago. Food is supposed to be enjoyed. Enjoy it!

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