Even if you're getting a holiday bonus this year, chances are it's not the equivalent of an entire paycheck.  We used to get little things at the end of the year.  Like, a gift certificate for a free turkey, or a gift certificate for a free ham.  You know, nothing huge, but it was a little nice extra perk.  Of course it never got as big as being worth a whole paycheck...but if you DID get that much, how would you spend it?


According to a new poll, only 5% of people would use it to buy something for THEMSELVES, including 7% of men and just 3% of women.

Here are the top five things people would do if they got an extra paycheck right now.

1.  28% said they'd use it for bills or to pay down their credit cards.

2.  26% would buy MORE or BETTER gifts for their family members.

3.  23% would save it.

4.  7% would spend it on everyday expenses.

5.  And 6% said "other."

I gotta admit, I would probably use it to pay bills.  It's pretty boring, but... I'm boring like that, I guess. I'm predictable.  I'm a creature of habit. I don't have anything I really want when it comes to special baubles or anything.  Maybe some BT21 merch would be nice. But it's not, like, something I need.

What would you buy if you got an extra paycheck as a holiday bonus? Would you even spend it on anything?

Monetarily yours,

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