If there's something I've always heard from health types, it's that you  need to drink more water. They always told us "eight glasses a day", right?  "Stay hydrated!"  All that was always a consistent message, even when we weren't sure if carbs are good or if sugar is bad or which beach diet you should be following.

But no.  Now, even water is bad for me.

There are a lot of tiny particles of plastic in the food we eat and the water we drink . . . but all those tiny particles REALLY add up.

And according to a new study, we ingest so much plastic, it's the equivalent of eating an entire CREDIT CARD every week.  The main sources delivering that plastic into our bodies are water, shellfish, beer, and salt.

WATER.  Come on, guys.  This is just craziness.  Now I can't even enjoy my nice glass or five of cold water in the morning?! What else are you going to take from me!?

I guess I should be more mad at the fact that there's plastic in stuff we're eating.  I'm missing the point here, aren't I? Why is there plastic in my water?  It must be super tiny particles of plastic, because I don't think I've Ever thought to myself, "Hey, this water seems a little plasticy this morning".  I don't think I would ever think, "Eh, there's plastic in this, but it's an OK amount".

But, it's not just water.  They also said shellfish and beer, which are a couple of things I don't really ingest much of.  But salt?  Again, how is plastic in salt?  Is our society that bad at pollution we can't even leave salt alone?

Now I'm getting mad.   I should write someone an angry letter.

Saltily yours,

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