Unless you've fished down in Florida or in areas that would have alligators, this probably isn't something you would ever have to worry about but unfortunately for this guy, it became a very big problem.

Fishing in Missouri compared to fishing in Florida can be different. On some levels it's basically the same. Bait your hook or have a lure on the end of your line and get it out into the water in hopes of catching a fish. The species of fish are a little different between the two states, too.

Missouri, for the most part, has bass, crappie, perch, bluegill, and catfish that are caught on a daily basis. In Florida, some of the species also include bass and panfish, (bluegill and perch) but then you start seeing other fish that are native to the Florida waters. One in particular is the tarpon. Tarpon are considered one of the top fish to catch in the Sunshine state. They are not known for their tastiness as they are not valued so much for food, but fighting and making it exciting when you catch one puts them on the top of the list of fish to be caught.

In a story from yahoo.com, a man is fishing in Florida when he gets into more that he bargained for. In fact, his desire to keep fishing for tarpon came to a complete stop when he almost became the catch of the day.

The Yahoo story goes on to say:

Footage posted on YouTube shows the 22-year-old fishing for tarpon in the Everglades on Saturday when an alligator emerges from the water.

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