I admit it, I watch a LOT of Food Network.   And Husbando is a great cook, so we both kind of split the meal duties.  But let's assume you're NOT one of the millions of Americans who eats out every single meal.  What days do you hate cooking the most?

According to a new survey, the two days people HATE cooking are . . . Monday and Friday.  They each got 39% of the vote.  The other five days combined for the remaining 22%.

Those days make sense, of course . . . Monday wipes you out because you're adjusting to being back at work, and on Friday you just want to relax and start the weekend.  But actually, that might not be all there is to it.

Just because someone tells you they're "eating dinner at home tonight," that DOESN'T mean they're going to cook some elaborate three-course artisanal  meal from scratch.  It could VERY well mean they're picking up pizza.

A new survey asked people what "eating at home" usually means for them.  People could give more than one answer, so the percentages add up to more than 100, but here are the most common things people are doing for dinner . . .

1.  Cooking from scratch, 78%.


2.  Microwaving a frozen dinner or some leftovers, 45%.


3.  Cooking using shortcuts like pre-marinated chicken breasts or pre-cut vegetables, 37%.


4.  Grabbing carryout from a restaurant, 23%.


5.  Picking up pre-made food from the grocery store, 22%.


6.  Ordering delivery, 15%.


7.  Using a meal delivery service like Blue Apron, 7%.


The survey also found only 57% of people say they like cooking, but only 3% of people say they NEVER cook.  So how about you?  Do you like to cook?  How often would you say you cook at home?

Cookingly yours,


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