I'm sure we've all thought about it at some point or another. If you could travel back in time, and somehow NOT destroy the present and cause the rise of the machines, what would you tell yourself as a teenager?

A new survey asked people what ONE piece of advice they wish they could go back and give to themselves as a teenager.  And it had to be vague life advice, not like, "Invent Google."  So here's the jist of what people thought:


1.  Get a better education, 16%.

2.  Be bolder and stronger reaching for your goals, 11%.

3.  Plan better for the future, 9%.

4.  Relationship advice, 7%.

5.  Slow down, and take it easy, 6%.

6.  Live life to the fullest, 5%.

7.  Be true to yourself, 5%.

8.  Don't do dumb things, 4%.

9.  Don't drink, smoke, take drugs, or party, 4%.

10.  Listen to your parents and respect your elders, 3%.

Some of that is kinda vague, though.  "Don't do dumb things"?? Well, I thought it wasn't dumb at the time, that's why I did it!


And 1% of people say their life has been perfect, no advice necessary.  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!  Seriously? You've never done anything wrong, nothing embarrassing or stupid? Really.  I think you might be deluding yourself there.

Anyway, I'd probably tell myself to get more active.   Go for more bike rides. I'd also probably tell myself to go ahead and get even more scholarships than I did.  I'd probably also tell myself to stop listening to negativity. Yeah, don't hang around those churchy, preppy girls. Just go ahead and go to the nerds, that's where you belong. Do that, teenage self! It's a pretty big net, though.  What do you think? What would you tell your teenage self?

Advicingly yours,