Hey, pet lovers!  Do your pets ever through a fit if they do not get their way?  Let's discuss this.

My cat Apollo is a talker.  If I do not feed him at a specific time, he talks to me, pouts, or sometimes, just stairs at me.  We have had dogs that we have owned that have howled, or whined, whimper even, if things do not go their way.

Since us pet owners are responsible for taking care of them, and then they take of us with their cuddling, and purring, and snuggling, and protecting us, it is the least we can do to try and make their lives as wonderful as possible.  But sometimes that comes at a price.  Allow me to show some examples.

Got to love those French Bulldogs.  They are one of the most popular breeds of dogs right now. And this one still wants more food.  But so cute.

A few "Drive By Kisses" for you. Not sure what dog does this, but if this is what can happen if you make them happy, then we should all strive for this.

We know that dogs have amazing instincts.  Especially when it comes to saving their humans.  I think we should give this pooch a lifeguard shirt or something.  Needless to say his owner was fine.

And yes, they often know when they have done something wrong.  We will call this one the "Walk Of Shame". But we forgive them.  Don't we?

After a weekend where I was under the weather a bit, and my Apollo comforted me, I thought sharing a few videos of Man's Best Friend would put a few smiles on your faces.  Happy Monday!

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