When I was a kid my parents took me to Marshall Field's department store one Saturday afternoon for a hands on cooking experience. Like many things my parents signed me up for that I wasn't into, I wasn't looking forward to it. That said, by the end of the afternoon I had made some chocolate goodies to take home, and I'll admit it was fun. If you have kids with an interest in cooking, or you just want them to have the experience, Warrensburg Parks & Recreation, has a program for your kids.

Warrensburg Parks & Recreation's Kids In The Kitchen program runs Tuesdays from March 2 through April 6. There are two sessions. One session for kids ages six to nine from 4:00PM - 5:00PM CST. And another session for kids ten through thirteen from 5:00PM - 6:00PM CST.

According to Warresnburg Parks & Recreation the program will "allow kids to have a hands-on cooking experience." Children will learn to make simple recipes they can prepare for themselves or others at home.

My experience at Marshall Field's wasn't bad. And it really was the only real cooking instruction I got outside of my Mom. That said, I learned to boil water. Cook Steak-umm's. Make Pasta. Bake a pizza. Skills that served me well while living alone in college. Yet, were rather limiting fifteen years later when I found myself a bachelor.

Don't worry, I expanded my culinary horizons beyond frozen pizza, Steak-umm's, and pasta. I actually learned enough to impress my wife Kathy, not that the bar was set that high. If you have kids why wait to let them figure it out? Sign them up for this program.

There is no fee for Kids In The Kitchen which will be held at the Warrensburg Community Center in the Multi Rooms.

Registration for this program is through email: kids.kitchen.warrensburg@gmail.com.

This program is partially sponsored by the University of Missouri Extension Nutrition Program.

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