After a month of less than stellar service for the former customers of Heartland Waste, the City of Warrensburg finally addressed the situation on their Facebook page. The City says they're aware of the complications that have arisen as trash pickup service for many transitions to Republic Services.

The City's Facebook post says, "Republic Services is addressing the service delays in the area by continually communicating with their drivers, operations team, and dispatchers to best serve Warrensburg." And then posted a letter on Republic Services thanking residents for their patience along with a local number and email address for people to contact them if they need help.

The letter goes on to tell people how they can continue to pay their trash bill and reminds people that their trash day is remaining the same day it always has.

The problem is it doesn't shed any light on why Republic is having so many problems picking up people's garbage. Or provide any real information or a timeline on how the company is trying to fix the issue.

The City's acknowledgment that there are issues with garbage pick up is good. Republic's response to the City and residents and the information seemed to make people more frustrated as illustrated by comments on the City's Facebook page:

Good luck. I’ve been on the phone with 3 different people this morning. Supposedly heartland didn’t transfer all their account information over so they don’t even have accounts for majority of us in Warrensburg and I’m being told there is no resolution right now. 2 weeks for us too. But funny how 2 weeks ago it was a republic truck that dumped our dumpster and now all of a sudden they don’t have an account. This is sad. -Samantha Gilio 

This is a crock of crap..... we have had 2 weeks of no service and 2 weeks where they picked it up twice, and never on our regular scheduled day. I called on August 24th and left a message and have yet to receive a call back, not good customerservice..... Not to impressed with the new company.... -Bernie Folssom Barufaldi 

I may be new to the area, but isn’t it called stealing when you accept payment for services that you don’t render? - James JR Loebig

And a reader who echos my thoughts exactly...

Republic needs to communicate with CUSTOMERS!!!! - Dee Ann Poole 

I wonder if customers heard from Republic Services about what's making it so difficult for them to pick up the garbage. And the solutions the company is implementing to fix the problem. If there'd be a little more understanding about the delays, the missed pick-ups, and the full garbage cans lining some Warrensburg Streets.

I talked about this a couple of weeks ago on the radio, and at the time I didn't have a problem with Republic missing my pick up on a Monday. They had called and left a robo message saying they'd get it picked up in 48 hours. They did. This week, I haven't gotten a call. Garbage day was Monday, it's now Friday and my trash is still in the bin at the curb. And so is all my neighbors.

At the time when I talked about it, I was more frustrated with people not securing their garbage. The night before I had seen a family of raccoons having a feast after tearing open my neighbor's garbage bags. They scurried across the street and down the storm drain when they heard me coming.

Tonight, I'm the guy with the filled garbage can. Who over the weekend have to put out unsecured stinking garbage at the curb. The kind the trash pandas will be happy to feast on. And that's a problem.

One that makes David True's photoshopped photo of huge raccoons in front and on top of Warrensburg's City Hall more than just a funny comment on the situation in the comment section of the City's Facebook post.

It's time for Republic Services to stop trying to placate their customers with promises and corporate posturing that they're working on it. It's time for them to tell us how they're going to fix their problems and get the garbage picked up with some regularity.

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