On Friday the City of Warrensburg posted a video with City Manager Danielle Dulin talking with Republic Services Division Manager Sandra Rayo Orozco about Warrensburg's transition from Heartland Waste to Republic Services.

Orozco talked a little bit about the company's, and the industry's challenges finding drivers and reported that they are "nearly to fully staffed" when it comes to drivers, and are looking to overstaff so they have a driver to cover for drivers who call in sick or take vacation time. Additionally, Orozco said they have added some office staff and have four clerks working to answer calls and emails that come through the local office.

Orozco says six people in the office are currently taking care of customers in Warrensburg and they will return calls and emails within 24 hours of receiving them. Customers can reach Republic Services locally at 660-429-1040 or get in touch with them via email at heartland@republicservices.com.

Republic Services is also finalizing a plan for bulky item pickups on request from residents. There will be a charge for that service. And the company will participate in the bidding this spring for the bulk pickup that the City provides for residents.

As for recycling, which has also been suspended, Republic says that's another industrywide issue they've been working through. Over the past couple of years, the cost of recycling has become more expensive and some of the recycling facilities they've used have shut down. The company says they hope to have recycling options for the City of Warrensburg to review in a month.

When both the recycling program and bulky item pickup services are resumed Republic will make sure the City of Warrensburg has the details of those programs so residents can be informed.

Dulin Says the Warrensburg City Council has scheduled a work session for Monday, October 25 to discuss Warrensburg's solid waste services and the future of solid waste services in the City of Warrensburg. Dulin invited the public to this City Council meeting and all City Council meetings.

You can watch the City of Warrensburg's Facebook video here:

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