I was scrolling through my Facebook the other day, and an event popped up that they thought I would be interested in.  Truthfully, I don't know how their algorithm works, or why certain things pop up on my feed, and I don't care to know. But this was a Facebook event telling me that On The Hook was going to be bringing their Fish and Chips food truck was going to be in Sedalia.  I thought I would try them out.

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According to their website:

On the Hook specializes in line-caught wild Alaskan cod fish and chips. We begin with the highest quality cod sourced from the cold clean waters of Alaska. This, however, is not just any Alaskan cod.  Our cod is caught using hook and line, brought aboard individually, and immediately headed, gutted, and flash-frozen.  This ensures a perfectly preserved fresh-caught quality and tenderness.  We hand-coat our cod with our home-made beer batter, created by our founders over months of experimenting. To top it off, our founders also created signature dipping sauces for each meal to create the perfect dish.

So I decided to take advantage of their Facebook event and try them out.  I like a good fish fry.  Did it live up to the hype? Here is my short review:

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When I arrived, despite the weather not being the greatest, there were about 10 people waiting in line.  The event was from 11-2pm. Their menu was simple.  You could get the Fish & Chips platter which was 3 fish fillets and French fries.  It included their homemade tarter sauce and sriracha mayo.

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The menu is very simple.  I must confess that I thought $14 is a bit much to pay.  I think $12 might be the top.  But if they can sell it for that amount, more power to them.  Then you better be able to deliver the goods.  I will say it is smart to make the menu this simple and you can control food costs. For the record, it is charge cards only.  No cash.

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They made the fish fresh when I was there, and it took about 10 minutes from the time I placed my order, to the time it was ready.  They did say at the window that they were down a person, so the wait may have been a little longer.

Now I have to say, I found the fish to be quite tasty.  Not overly salty, the fries were delicious, and nicely seasoned. I found the sriracha mayo and tarter sauce to be flavorful and not overpowering.   I did think it was a little overpriced, but I was very pleased by the taste.

Rob also has had the fish and chips from On The Hook and he wrote his review over a year ago.  You can click HERE to see what he thought.  You can also check out their website HERE as this company is in several states.  Overall, my review was the food was cooked properly, it was crispy and delicious.  But I think it is a little pricey.  But the quality of the food, was top notch.  If you have ever had them, what has been your review? Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? Share your thoughts.

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