The votes have been tabulated. Here's the results of the “Most Voted” for 2016-2017 best area high school boy's basketball team poll.

For quite awhile, the Lincoln Cardinals were the top vote-getters in the poll. In the end it was pretty much a three-way race between Smithton, Sacred Heart and Lincoln.

Smithton voters had their say as they catapulted in the standings only to fall to the Sacred Heart Gremlins in the end, 34.69% to 31.61%. The Lincoln Cardinals fell into the third spot with a final vote of 15.38%.

Smith-Cotton came in fourth with 4.98% and Cole Camp had 4.64% of the vote.

Over 8,000 votes were cast during the voting period.

Now that the results are in, it will be interesting to see which team wins the Kaysinger Conference tournament and which team advances into district play. The Kaysinger tournament takes place at State Fair Community College, February 3-11. Missouri State High School Athletics Association district basketball action starts the week of February 18. 

Basketball and sports shoes on basketball court, elevated view
Thomas Northcut

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