There are plenty of fun things for visitors to do when they come to Missouri. There are also some that are just a little bit strange.

Did you know that The Show-Me State is home to a hair museum? Literally a museum dedicated to hair. Like, real human hair. Leila's Hair Museum - "the only hair museum in the world! - is in Independence.

Columbia is home to BoatHenge. "Like Stonehenge, but with boats." I'm not sure if its like the hair museum, the only one in the world, but I would be that there aren't many BoatHenges.

The World's Largest Fork is reportedly in Springfield, and it is believed that the World's Largest 8 Ball is on the water tower in Tipton. The World's Largest Amoco sign is in St. Louis.

Central Missouri might not be the first place on thinks of when one thinks of Winston Churchill, but it was during a speech delivered at Westminster College that Churchill used the phrase "Iron Curtain." The National Churchill Museum is in Fulton.

Jim the Wonder Dog Memorial Garden in Marshall honors Missouri's most famous psychic dog, who is said to have successfully predicted the 1936 World Series, Kentucky Derby winners, and the sex of unborn babies.

If you're wanting to check out more unusual places to visit, check out Atlas Obscura, which features "93 cool, unusual, and hidden things to do in Missouri." You can also look for oddball attractions in other states, cities, or even countries around the world!

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